Balancing Bodies in Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Coordination

Pilates is not a set of exercises, but a method of movement that optimizes good alignment, balances muscle strength and flexibility, and integrates full-body patterns.  Pilates-based cues will be used for your therapy exercises, but you can also choose to just participate in a Pilates Fitness program with private, individualized sessions as part of your regular exercise routine or to help get you up and moving.  Plus it’s fun! You may also have a partner, friend, or family member to share a duet session with, making the social time active as part of your healthy lifestyle.

One-on-one or duet, customized Pilates-based movement sessions targeting your goals for fitness & movement.

  • Private Sessions
  • Duet Sessions
  • Small Group Specialty Classes
  • ​Options for in-home sessions or online sessions

Single Private Session or Duet Session with a partner, including a customized movement program with our highly-skilled instructor.  Sessions are for a professional hour (50 minutes). Discount packages available to help fit your budget and goals, up to 25% off! (Packages valid for 6 months.)

  • Single PRIVATE Session >>> $85
  • 5-Pack of PRIVATE Sessions >>> $400
  • 10- Pack of PRIVATE Sessions >>> $750
  • Single DUET Session >>> $90 ($45 per person)
  • 5-Pack of DUET Sessions >>> $215 (per person)
  • 10-Pack of DUET Sessions >>> $400 (per person)

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